Ebony Restaurant, MG Road

Dine Underneath a Canopy of Stars


Moving with the times since 1993…

Ebony has been flirting with India's vast and phenomenal food styles, cultures, influences and inspirations since 1993. Ebony’s journey over the years has been a story of great eureka moments, many happy coincidences and several chance encounters with cuisines and recipes, from the length and breadth of this great country. This has helped shape Ebony’s menu today.

Ebony’s first menu had the best of the Punjabi-Mughlai-Tandoori- Continental classics of that era. But what made Ebony stand apart, was a chance experiment with Parsee cuisine, inspired by our then Head Chef Zubin Aria’s family recipes.

Over the years, a lot of what was familiar and dear to Ebony's family and friends, found its way into our menu. Food inspirations from the famous Balti cuisine from Birmingham, to a repertoire of Mudaliar recipes from our GM Krishna Shantakumar's family chests, to our new explorations of the unique Konkan Saraswath Brahmin style of seafood preparation, have all found their way into Ebony’s ever-growing menu over the years.

Ebony’s greatest learning came in the years that Chef Arif Ahmed (a former chef with the famed ITC Dum Pukht restaurant), with his expertise in North-West Frontier cuisine, polished our masalas, refined our qormas, and elevated our biryanis and kebabs to what it is today.

We are glad that you have decided to be part of our journey by dining at our award-winning restaurant, Ebony!

The service charge you pay is equally shared among every member of our team (even the ones you never see) and helps keep a smile on our faces.

For reservations, please call +91 80417 83344 | 80251 36611