ASEAN - On The Edge, South Asian Restaurant

After 10 years of serving some of the city’s finest South Asian flavours, we have now taken the next step for a better and even more unique dining experience. From January 2019, On The Edge will be known as ASEAN - On The Edge. The focus of our new menu is to bring out the best flavours of the ASEAN countries. From the Nasi Lemak and Roti Jala of Malaysia, Nonya Soft Shell Crab, Laksa and Curry Vermicelli of Singapore, to the Nasi Goreng from Indonesia – all this coupled with our strong Thai kitchen, makes us the place to be for South Asian and Thai Food in Bangalore.

Our Head Chef Mr. Krishna Shantakumar and Managing Director Mr. Rajesh Rajaram have incorporated dishes from their travels across these South-East Asian countries, perfecting all their flavours along the way. Keeping up with innovation and specialization, with ASEAN On The Edge, we aim to become the trailblazers by widening Asian flavours and dishes for the people of the city. From family recipes of the local households, to traditional and authentic dishes from street food hawkers, our new additions make the menu even more interesting!

Some of these finds include the Malacca Curry with Roti Jala (a crepe-like batter, made into crisp netted roti) from Malaysia. The Nonya Butter Crunchy Soft Shell Crab - a gem of Singapore’s Nonya street food, and the Banana Blossom Salad - a street-side favourite in Ho Chi Min City, Vietnam, made from banana flowers. Our Chef has also played on a few conventional dishes by introducing an Asian touch like the ASEAN Risotto – exotic sticky Gobindhobhog rice fused with delicate Thai and Vietnamese flavours, and the ASEAN Steak – sliced tenderloin in a black pepper sauce served with zucchini noodles

There is something for everyone at ASEAN - On The Edge. Given the recent healthy food trend, an entire section of healthier options has been added to the menu. One can find a wide range of exotic salads. The introduction of our Vietnamese Pomelo Salad, Yam Talay – a seafood salad, and Yum Moon Sen – a glass noodle salad to add to the existing popular salads like the Som Tam –  a classic green papaya and mango salad, and the Laarb – minced chicken/lamb/mushroom with various herbs. Appetizers like the San Chow Bow, which are crisp lettuce cups stuffed with a choice of fillings and toppings, the Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls, a wide range of Asian grills, and healthy soups such as the Vietnamese Pho and Mr. Moringa and Friends are all well worth a try!

No meal is complete without desserts. The new menu will see classic desserts with an Asian twist – a classic Lemon Meringue Tart made with the Thai Kafir Lime, a Japanese cheesecake with Yuzu Dressing, the famous Thai dessert – Tub Tim Krob (Thaptim Krop), water chestnut rubies, lychee and seasonal fruits in a coconut cream, and a Gula Melaka Crème Caramel – a caramel custard made with palm jaggery from Malacca (Malaysia) and coconut cream.