13th Floor at Hotel Ivory Tower, Bangalore

High On the 13th Floor

13th Floor - Lounge Bar

Feted, lauded, celebrated, copied but never duplicated - these words best describe the 18-year-old journey of The 13th Floor. Although the more popular way most of our patrons describe The 13th Floor rooftop location is… The view! The view!! Oh-my-God… the view!!!  

Saying that The 13th Floor is a cocktail lounge is like saying that a Single Malt Scotch is a drink made from barley and water. A space that allows you to unwind with colleagues after a tough day at work, have a night out in town with the girls, chill out with that significant someone, or even conduct a business discussion over drinks.  

Vast open spaces that are clad in glass and brushed steel to give guests a fully undiluted, unobstructed view of Bangalore City, with the star-spangled sky above. Music is played at conversation level volumes and is a mix of retro pop, rock ballads and lounge mixes.  

The new Cocktail Menu is a heady mix of the contemporary re-working of old standards, and the tried and tested. A great wine list, and their unique way of putting together great wine and champagne cocktails, ensure that even first-time tipplers have something to raise their glasses with. A fantastic array of bar snacks, appetizers and a great selection of dinner platters mean you don’t have to crawl out to the next dive for that top-it-up meal.

For reservations, please call +91 8041783355 | 80251 36622