13th Floor at Hotel Ivory Tower, Bangalore

High On the 13th Floor

Feted, lauded, celebrated, copied but never duplicated...these words best describe the 17 year old journey of The 13th Floor.  Although the more popular way most of our patrons describe The 13th Floor rooftop location is …The view !  The view !! Oh-my-God ….the view!!!  

Saying that The 13th floor is a cocktail lounge is like saying that a Single Malt Scotch is a drink made from barley and water.  A space that allows you to unwind with colleagues after a tough work-day, have night out on the town with the girls, chill out with that significant someone or even conduct a business discussion over drinks.  

Vast open spaces that are clad in glass and brushed steel to give guests a fully undiluted, unobstructed view of Bangalore city at their feet with the star spangled sky above.  Music is played at conversation level volumes and is a mix of retro pop and rock ballads and lounge mixes.  

The spanking new Cocktail Menu is a heady mix of the contemporary re-working of old standards and the tried and tested. A great wine list and their unique way of putting together great wine and champagne cocktails ensures that even first-time tipplers have something to raise their glasses with. A fantastic array of bar snacks, appetizers and great selection of dinner platters means you don’t have to crawl out to the next dive for that top-it-up meal.

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