Asean, On The Edge - South Asian Restaurant

A sun-kissed island that's 13 floors up in the sky…an island that would be all at ease' anywhere on the South China Sea. All the elements to make a wow-experience are here open air terrace with a view of Bangalore’s greenest parts and a great menu to top it all off.

Asean-On the Edge straddles the vibrant, exciting and haunting flavours of the cuisines of the Asean countries south of mainland China and straddling the 
South China Sea and the Andaman Sea. The menu here is a mix of culinary classics, street food inspired dishes, re-creations of home favourites inspired by Thai, Malay, Burmese, Laotian, Cambodian and Vietnamese dishes.  The kitchen team deftly handles the subtle intricacies of these cuisine styles by placing their faith on the highest quality, fresh sun-kissed ingredients and simple cooking techniques. 

Their signature dishes include off beat take on Baozi buns, some great refreshing salads, a section of satay's and grills, plus their great Curries, Laksa, Burmese Khaosuay and the very quaint yet utterly addictive Malacca Roti Jala with Curry.  If it’s a light meal you are after, then their Pho station puts out light and invigorating broths that are subtle in their spicing and yet robust in their flavours.

Seating is elegant lounge style with a wonderful cozy nook for couples. A great selection of wines and cocktails ensure you have the elements for perfect meal. On the Edge offers Two Course and Three Course lunches on weekdays for lunch. Dinners are A la Carte.
We also serve liquor and take orders online.

Please contact +918041783366 or +918025136633 for more information.

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